Offering Flagstaff Mental Health Services Since 1969

Behavioral Health Services

We provide a full range of services from general mental health counseling for everyday stressors to our inpatient psychiatric hospital for acute psychiatric emergencies. We provide care to all ages, from birth and up. Care managers, therapists, program supports, and peer supports work together to provide individualized care to children, families and adults.

Adult Mental Health

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The Guidance Center offers a variety of services to adults aged 18 and over. Our highly trained, caring team of therapists and care managers are available to help with your behavioral health needs. As an enrolled member, you have the opportunity to work with your team to develop a tailored plan to set and achieve your behavioral health goals.

Children &
Their Families

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Child and Family Services (CFS) provides a wide range of services for members from birth to 21 years of age. We pride ourselves on offering evidence-based services to help our youth overcome challenging situations. Our team is comprised of care managers and therapists who are equipped to meet varying needs.

Applied Behavior

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ABA is a helping profession aimed at improving a member’s behavior through the design and implementation of interventions based on the science of behavior. TGC offers a collaborative model that greatly values and incorporates the perspective of the member, their family, and the broader CFT/ART teams.

Substance Use

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Treatment of substance use disorders occurs in either a residential or an outpatient setting, or both. Evidence-based programming is used to assist in the recovery process. Residential treatment is for ages 18 and over. Outpatient programs utilize the Matrix Model. Groups are available in evening hours.

Outpatient Psychiatric

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Our team of psychiatric providers offers services to help meet a member's psychiatric needs. This involves regular appointments, medication management, and supporting other treatment plan goals. Providers work closely with other treatment team members, such as therapists and care managers, to ensure medication adherence, monitoring side effects, and communicating about other concerns a member might have.


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Sometimes you just really need to talk to someone. Sometimes you need reassurance that you are worthy and deserve to live. Sometimes you are fearful you might harm yourself or consider suicide. Our crisis department is here for you. Please call or come in if you or someone you know is in need of support.

Inpatient Psychiatric

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Our Psychiatric Acute Care (PAC) Unit is a 16-bed emergency psychiatric hospital. This unit offers support for adults who are in need of evaluation, medication stabilization, and/or emergency psychiatric care, including involuntary hospitalization (Title 36).


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The Guidance Center provides pharmacy services for our members on-site through Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company. We developed this approach so that our members' medication needs can be met to ensure they receive the best possible care.

Are you in a Crisis?

Call the 24 Hour Crisis Hotline @ 1-877-756-4090. It only takes a moment to get the help you need.