Offering Flagstaff Mental Health Services since 1969

About The Guidance Center

Providing Vital Behavioral Health Services

The Guidance Center is a not-for-profit Community Mental Health Center with locations serving Flagstaff and surrounding Northern Arizona communities. We provide a full range of services, which include everything from general mental health counseling for everyday stressors, to our inpatient psychiatric hospital for acute psychiatric emergencies. We provide care to all ages, from birth and up. Care managers, therapists, program supports and peer supports work together to provide individualized care to children, families and adults.


  • Mission: The Guidance Center delivers behavioral healthcare solutions.

  • Vision: The Guidance Center is committed to creating healthy individuals, families and communities.


  • SERVICE: Serve our clients as our highest priority.

  • ADVOCACY: Support our clients’ rights and needs.

  • QUALITY: Maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior. Deliver care based on effective treatment methods. Recognize and build upon our clients’ strengths. Provide support services that enhance access to care.

  • TEAMWORK: Collaborate within our organization and with our community in support of our clients.

  • STEWARDSHIP: Provide local cost-effective care. Use the least restrictive environment. Manage as a not-for-profit organization with sound fiscal policy.

  • RESPECT: Maintain client confidence.


  • Board President: Jon Perez, Ph.D.
  • Board Secretary: Nathan Jones, J.D., C.H.C.
  • Board Treasurer: Judy Marfechuk
  • Director: Kerry Blume
  • Director: Celeste Irons
  • Director: Beth Otterstein, NP


  • Chief Executive Officer: Devon Forrest, MA
  • Chief Operating Officer: Trever Davis, DBH, LAC
  • Chief Clinical Officer: Stephanie Babbitt, Ph.D.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Michael Kuzmin, MPA
  • Chief Medical Officer: Teresa Bertsch, M.D.
  • Chief Compliance Officer: Nathan Jones, J.D., C.H.C.

Are you in a Crisis?

Call the 24 Hour Crisis Hotline @ 1-877-756-4090. It only takes a moment to get the help you need.