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Treatment of substance use disorders occurs in either a residential or an outpatient setting, or both. Evidence-based programming is used to assist in the recovery process. Residential treatment is for ages 18 and over. Outpatient programs utilize the Matrix Model. Groups are available in evening hours.


Our Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Program provides individualized residential rehabilitation for those diagnosed with a substance use disorder.

The typical length of stay is determined based on clinical need. This will be discussed during the intake process and reviewed throughout the treatment process.

Continuing with recovery after a residential rehabilitation stay is highly recommended. Case management during the program emphasizes this and prepares the member with a continuing care plan into outpatient services.

What to expect during your stay:

To help you reach your treatment plan goals, we offer structured daily programming that includes case management, medication management, education sessions, and individual and group therapies that are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Outings are scheduled each day/week to promote healthy and sober interaction within the community. These include trips to the park, hikes, AA meetings, holiday themed events, and more.

When you are called for an available bed, you will be instructed on where to go for check in. Please be on time for your scheduled appointment. Preparing to arrive a few minutes early gives you a chance to find where you need to go and avoid feeling stressed about being late.

We want you to feel good while you are in recovery. Bring things that make you feel comfortable and confident, such as hobby items and personal hygiene supplies. A complete list of what to pack can be given to you before you arrive. Here are a few items you can plan to bring:

  • 5-7 changes of clothes. (Don’t forget your pj’s!)
  • Walking shoes and a jacket—be prepared to be outside even in chilly or cold weather.
  • Hygiene products that do not contain alcohol.
  • Items such as books, bible, art supplies, letter-writing supplies, beading and other hobby supplies are allowed.
  • Pictures of family, friends, pets or places that make you happy.
  • Curling irons, blow dryers, hair clippers, straighteners, electric toothbrushes are allowed.

In order to promote an environment of recovery and safety, electronic devices (cell phone, mp3 player/iPod, tablet, etc.) are not permitted. Food items such as gum, candy, soda, and snacks are also not allowed.


Visitors are welcome during visiting hours.

Visitors are reminded to not bring anything into the unit with them, other than car keys. Visitors must be appropriately dressed and cannot be under the influence of any substances.

For additional questions or to request a recovery bed, please call our main number at 928-527-1899. Our helpful staff can get you scheduled for an intake and answer questions you might have.


The outpatient services department uses the evidence-based Matrix Model of treatment for group education along with therapy to treat substance use disorders. Care management is utilized to coordinate care and assist in medication management. Other evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) help members achieve treatment plan goals.


Matrix groups are offered in the evenings on a regular schedule. Members are assigned to a group based on a clinical assessment and treatment plan goals.

Additional groups are offered to supplement your treatment. Group topics include:

  • WRAP (Wellness-Recovery-Action-Plan)
  • Meditation
  • Expressions (Art & Writing) groups
  • Substance Abuse Co-Occurring groups
  • DBT groups
  • Exercise
  • Skills groups

You can check the current group schedule or with your care manager for more information.

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