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TGC started providing services to children and families in 1977. Since then, our child and family services have grown into a robust department, serving birth to age 21.

Child and Family Services (CFS) provides a wide range of services for members from birth to 21 years of age. We pride ourselves on offering evidence-based services to help our youth overcome challenging situations. Our team is comprised of care managers and therapists who are equipped to meet varying needs.

Staff in CFS work collaboratively with the family and a number of community partners, from DCS (Department of Child Safety), DDD (Department of Developmental Disabilities), AzEIP (Arizona Early Intervention Program), JPO (juvenile Probation), schools (private and public), and pediatrician offices, amongst others, to make sure that all aspects of a child’s needs are being met. Services are provided in a variety of environments such as at home, school, or in the community in order to fully assess needs and modify treatment plans accordingly.


Our Birth-5 team provides comprehensive services for children birth to 5 years of age. Infants and toddlers are one of the most vulnerable populations as they are not able to speak or care for themselves. The team works closely with caregivers and other service providers to meet the needs of these children and their families.

Services include:

  • family support
  • case management
  • developmental assessments (normal development and socio-emotional development)
  • progress assessments
  • therapy
  • skills training
  • coordination of care


Our 6-18 team provides comprehensive services for children ages 6-18 years of age. The team works with youth and their caregivers in the home, school and office to promote healthy choices and develop positive skills.

Services include:

  • skills training
  • case management
  • therapy
  • assessments
  • substance use disorders treatment
  • family support

YIT (Youth in Transition):

Becoming an adult can be tough! Imagine becoming an adult without an experienced, trusted adult to help you through the process. Our YIT team provides extra support to members transitioning to adulthood—sometimes being that voice of reason or the cheerleader to say “You’ve got this!” Youth as young as 16 can begin services with our YIT team and continue until the age of 21.

Services include:

  • skills training
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • therapy assessments
  • family support
  • substance use treatment

Medication Management:

For members who only need medication management, this team provides case management, assessment, family support if needed, nursing and psychiatric services.


CFS also offers therapy and skill based groups to enrolled members. These groups support and supplement treatment goals. Some of the groups offered throughout the year in CFS include:

  • Lil’ Sprouts (gardening group)
  • Kinship support group
  • DBT
  • Anime
  • Dance and movement based relaxation groups
  • Sustainability groups
  • Active groups (hiking)
  • Mindfulness/Relaxation groups

During the summer and other school breaks, TGC provides additional groups with specific focus on needs of members. Please inquire about what groups CFS is currently providing to determine if your child can attend one.

Other Services:

Psychiatric, nursing and psychological services are available upon request and based on medical necessity. If you think your child requires these services, please contact us.

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