Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Program

The Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Program serves males and females, ages 18 and over, with a significant and recent history of substance abuse or dependence. Individuals experiencing a mental illness are also treated. The facility is able to accommodate individuals with many types of disabilities, but not those who require skilled nursing.

The goals of the Rehabilitation Program include:

  • Provide a safe, sober environment for individuals who are recovering from substance abuse and dependence
  • Assist consumers in developing motivation for sobriety and establishing goals for their future
  • Provide an opportunity for consumers to begin to practice newly acquired coping skills, communication skills, and refusal skills

Counseling Provided

In addition to providing Room and Board, the Rehabilitation Unit also provides the following services:

  • Group, individual, and family counseling provided by qualified behavioral health technicians or professionals
  • Psychiatric and psychological evaluations are scheduled when appropriate.
  • Assistance in the self-administration of medications
  • Individual and group education

This program is classified (per ADHS/OBHL guidelines) as a Level II Substance Abuse Residential Agency.