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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis Program at The Guidance Center

 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a helping profession aimed at improving a member’s behavior through the design and implementation of interventions based on the science of behavior. ABA interventions are designed to increase adaptive behaviors (i.e., communication skills, social skills, etc.) and decrease maladaptive behaviors (e.g., aggression, self-injury, tantrums, etc.).

 The Guidance Center offers a collaborative model of ABA services that greatly values and incorporates the perspective of the member, their family, and the broader CFT/ART teams. ABA services provided by The Guidance Center include, but are not limited to:

 Behavioral Consultation for Challenging Behaviors (BCCB) 

  • Assessment and treatment recommendations/services for members with high behavioral needs where behaviors pose a risk of harm to the member or others.
  • Includes the completion of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), an assessment process for identifying the purpose, or function, of a member’s maladaptive, or challenging behavior(s).
  • A Behavior Treatment Plan (BTP) is developed based on the results of the FBA and outlines interventions and strategies to prevent and decrease the members challenging behaviors and increase positive alternative behaviors.
  • Services will typically occur 2-8 times per month for 6-9 months depending on need.
  • Once the FBA and BTP are completed, Caregiver Training services may also be recommended (see below).

 Brief Behavioral Consultation (BBC) 

  • Assessment and treatment recommendations/services for members with low behavioral needs where behaviors are emerging and impacting family or member functioning, but do not pose a risk of harm to self or others.
  • A brief assessment with behavioral treatment recommendations is provided to the member, family and CFT/ART.
  • Services will typically occur 1-4 times per month for 1-3 months. 

Caregiver Training (CT) 

  • Based on the assessment results, training is provided to caregivers (i.e., family members, group home and support staff, etc.) on strategies and interventions in a member’s Behavior Treatment Plan.
  • The frequency of CT services is determined by TGC’s licensed behavior analysts in coordination with CFT/ART members.

 Skill Development (SD) 

  • 1:1 training for members with skill deficits that either interfere with their functioning or pose a risk of harm to the member or others.
  • Skill development may include interventions to improve the member’s social, safety, independent living, self-management, conflict resolution, or problem solving skills.
  • The frequency of SD services is determined by TGC’s licensed behavior analysts in coordination with CFT/ART members.

 School Consultation 

  • This service is provided as requested by a school/school district for members who present with challenging behavior or skills deficits that impact their functioning in the school setting.
  • Services may include behavioral needs assessments, environmental evaluations, group-based behavior recording and analysis, reward system development and training on basic behavioral principles.
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