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Assertive Community Treatment Team at TGC

Assertive Community Treatment Team at TGC

                The Guidance Center’s ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Team – comprised of Janell, Substance Abuse Therapist; Mark, Registered Nurse; Jade, Case Manager; Shannon, Vocational Specialist; Sal, Peer Support; and Robert, ACT Lead/Therapist – just passed the three year mark of its existence!  And with no excitement or success stories to share!

Kidding. (A collective sense of humor is one of the crucial elements enabling the ACT Team’s ability to stay up and running in its often turbulent field of work.)

                The team “staffs” each of its 39 high acuity clients every morning, which allows for quality attention to their wellbeing – that many of them aren’t too familiar with experiencing.  The ACT Team’s clients are wrapped in multi-faceted and professional support, where ACT staff members go above and beyond traditional job descriptions, and all while in their clients’ domain, in the community – as all ACT clients have not benefitted from the traditional case management model. 

Janell is at five places at once like the best of social workers. Mark facilitates imperative case management like he’s been doing it for decades.  Jade is as simultaneously laid back and proficient as they come.  No one in the community knows as much about the inter-workings of Flagstaff’s vocational avenue as Shannon.  And Sal’s energy and wit keep the ACT machine simultaneously light and finely tuned.  And this is just the tip of their intricate iceberg!

                Of course, the ACT Team couldn’t do any of this without the rest of TGC’s SMI team, whose referrals are what enable their existence; nor could the ACT Team’s mission be as effective without the ready availability and support of TGC’s Crisis Unit, PAC Unit, or SARRP. 

  • Robert Soelter, ACT Team Lead



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Friday, 20 July 2018

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The Guidance Center is an excellent community resource for mental health issues. The staff is very professional and attentive to the client needs. If I had a child that needed to go to rehab I would recommend TGC.

- Amoz - Flagstaff Arizona
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