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2020 Holiday Season Tips

2020 Holiday Season Tips

The holidays create both positive and negative stressors for all of us.  To maintain your resilience and #bounceback from some of the negative effects of stress, consider the following tips: 

(1) Sadness and grief are common this time of year.  Acknowledge those feelings and fight urges to give in to them.  Look for things that make you grateful or even just a bit happier for a moment, even for a few minutes each day.

(2) Engage people around you!  Another great way to combat loss or the anxiety of being around family is to just make the time to talk with people who provide you a little cheer or kindness.  You deserve to be treated well so set yourself up for it! 

(3) Traditions change over time.  Don’t set yourself up with expectations that things will be the same in the 2020 holiday season as it was in your happiest holidays.  Use technology in a positive way to share memories or reconnect with loving people. 

(4) Release your emotional baggage, even if just temporarily.  Let past relationship challenges stay in the past to prevent negative emotions from impacting you now. 

(5) Try not to overcompensate for any feelings of guilt or shame from past events, interactions or relationship problems.  Don’t destroy your budget in an attempt to manifest a happy response from someone else.  Make homemade gifts or encourage multiple folks in your personal circle to exchange gifts to reduce your burden. 

(6) Focus on healthy habits and don’t let them slip.  You may become more emotionally vulnerable if you let your sleep, diet and exercise habits slip even just for a day or two. 

(7) Prioritize you!  Work hard to say no to others when you need to protect yourself and take breaks from encounters with family, friends or others that may be unique to this time of year.  Remember the “oxygen mask on the airplane” attitude; if you don’t put your own mask on first, you can’t help anyone else to get through difficulties.  And, recall there’s no shame in asking for help. 


TGC is here for you during this season and hopes you make it the best it possibly can be!


The information contained in this blog posting is not intended to be used for legal or clinical guidance. The expressions viewed in this post are those of the author and may not represent The Guidance Center.

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Wednesday, 09 December 2020

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TGC has been there for me, and I will continue to use TGC. TGC has helped me see there is hope, especially after losing my son, 4 family member's, working on myself, as well as working on family issues, mental health, and much more. Thank you to all the staff and being there for me as well as my family.

- Mello - Flagstaff Arizona
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