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History of TGC

History of TGC

The Guidance Center started as the Coconino Community Guidance Center in 1969.

The small, not-for-profit agency began in a tiny downtown office with only THREE employees and a budget of $93,000. A second office—the Southside Annex—was opened in 1973 to meet the community need of serving people on the south side of Flagstaff. Clients could stop in for community referrals and to receive alcohol or family counseling. Staff from the Southside clinic spent much of their time doing community outreach and providing counseling in people’s homes.


Soon after, the agency grew to 34 employees and a budget of $600,000—thanks to grants and community funding such as the United Way campaign.

By 1983, the Coconino Community Guidance Center had several locations throughout Coconino County, including in Page, Fredonia, Williams and the Grand Canyon.

In 1992, The Guidance Center opened its Vickey Street office and soon after the Outpatient Services building was constructed. In 2006 a playground was built.

In 2007, funding was approved for a detox center. This was to be different than the previous center in that it would provide supportive and comprehensive services to address the community concern.

In 2018, The Guidance Center became a subsidiary of The Narbha Institute.

Today, TGC runs on a budget of $20 million, employs over 200 staff, and houses two main locations that serve almost 3,000 members in Coconino County.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

Great staff and insight to my addictions.. However, 28 days wasn't enough for a Lifetime of abuse. Definitely opened my eyes to recovery.

- Eric - Flagstaff Arizona
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